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Learn how to reduce Climate Change by using Energy and Water Efficient Dishwashers.

Modern dishwashers use significantly less energy than those manufactured going back to the 1970s. Water consumption is a major issue to these machine and can vary greatly according to appliances and settings.

Balance the number of washes with the size of the wash. Run your machines less often, but with full loads. Using a half load setting uses more than half the energy and water of a full load.

Those machines that have filters should be cleaned regularly. A Blocked filter may be hard to push through, and that uses more energy and is running efficiently.

Always switch off and unplug appliances at the wall when not in use. Lights and displays use energy.

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Look for the label

When buying a new appliance, there are two key energy labels to look out for:

  • the Energy Saving Recommended logo can only be used on the most energy efficient products, usually the top 20 per cent of those available 
  • the EU energy label is now obligatory for all white goods and ovens in the UK; it grades products from A (best) to G (worst) for energy use (the scale now goes up to A++ for fridges and freezers)

You could also look at how water-efficient a new appliance is - as a rule, the more energy efficient a machine is, the less water it will use. EU energy labels show litres of water used per wash.

  • when choosing a washing machine, a good guide is to look for a machine that uses less than 50 litres per wash
  • for dishwashers, try looking for one that uses less than 15 litres per wash

Dispose of old appliances safely

It′s important to recycle your old appliances. Dumping old machines can lead to harmful chemicals escaping and causing pollution. What you can do with them:

  • many of the major stores will take away your old appliance when they install a new one - ask if they will do this when you buy
  • councils have to collect unwanted white goods from householders
  • you can take your old appliances to the local tip for free
  • Disposal of bulky items