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Home Entertainment.

The greenest form of entertainment in the home is a good old fashioned game of charades, or for children hide and seek, tag, to name but a few. However, ′greening up′ your entertainment need not be so .... boring?

Many households now have home entertainment systems made up of: LCD flat screen TV, DVD/Blue Ray player, multiple satellite and cable channels, Games consoles and high speed internet access all from the comfort of the armchair.

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Start with the TV and Games Consoles

The obvious response to "How can i sell my TV" is eBay, however there are shipping and collection issues. If you dont have a sale in mind, there are countless opportunities for eco disposal. Try FreeCycle, charities that donate goods to families less fortunate and poorer than yourself, charities that sell them on using the money generated for good causes, eg, Oxfam, Friends of the Earth etc.

If you are switching from DVD to Blue Ray, the chances are the DVD unit will be required for some years to come, to be used in tandom with the new unit. When DVD out marketed video, the need for video players did not relinquished, however the demand for purchase of them did. It is now almost impossible to buy a brand new video player, possibly cheaper to have all old home movies re-recorded to DVD/Blue Ray.

One other method is to use ′Trade In′ sites

Luckily, with satellite and cable equipment, the upgrades are not as forthcoming. when they require upgrade (normally at users expense) the old unit is taken by the service provider.

Recycling Sites for Electronic Goods:

Where to recycle

Recycle providers