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Mobile/Cell Phones.

Here are some simple tips to easily turn your cell phone green.

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  • Unplug Your Phone Charger When Unused. Did you know your phone′s charger still draws energy even when it′s not plugged into your phone? Unplug it when it′s not in use.
  • Minimize Your Phone′s Backlight. If your phone′s backlight is illuminated for longer than you need, you′re wasting energy. Reduce it so you′re only using what′s necessary.
  • Completely switch your phone off. If you′re in a movie, on an airplane or somewhere else you can′t be reached, why not power off your phone? Just keeping it on vibrate uses its battery when you it′s not needed.
  • Use GPS Instead of Driving. If your cell phone has the capability, use GPS navigation from your phone for directions to save driving time and gas.
  • Only Replace Your Phone When Necessary. Don′t buy a new phone until you need it. Recycle your old phone when you do.
  • Use Your Phone′s Alarm Clock. Chances are your phone has an alarm clock. Unplug and retire your traditional alarm clock at home and use your cell phone for this function instead, oh and turn off the TV too.
  • Use Your Phone′s Backlight at Night. By your bed at night, use your phone′s backlight as your flashlight instead of a traditional night-light.
  • Only Charge Your Phone When Necessary. Many people are accustomed to charging their cell phones every night whether or not the battery has been depleted. To be less wasteful, don′t charge your phone until the battery needs it.
  • Read News on Your Phone. If your phone can, save paper by reading your news and magazine content from your cell phone.
  • Save Paper With Your Phone. Your phone can be used as a digital notepad of sorts. Instead of using paper, make cell phone lists by texting or emailing yourself.
  • Charge Your Phone With Alternative Methods. To charge your phone without using an electrical outlet, did you know you can buy a solar-powered charger for your phone instead?