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Save money by saving energy

Do little things that save you lots of money over time and you′ll be surprised in the difference it will make to your Carbon Footprint.

  • Replace all of your light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs - it is a small cost but a big saving
  • Turn your thermostat down by 1 or 2°C - you won′t even feel the difference...and in rooms that you rarely use turn the radiator off or down very low
  • Think ahead - if using something from the freezer defrost over night in the fridge - cooking from frozen uses far more energy
  • Don′t overfill your kettle to make one cup of tea or coffee and if you drink lots make a pot. And don′t boil the kettle until you need it.
  • When boiling or steaming food boil the water in the kettle first - it uses less energy than bringing it to the boil on the stove.
  • Fit draught excluders to doors and windows - you′d be surprised how much heat you lose
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room and don′t leave doors and windows open unnecessarily
  • Save water - have a quick shower or share a bath and don′t leave a tap running when brushing teeth or washing vegetables,
  • Turn off appliances at the mains - mobile phone chargers for example will use energy even if they are not plugged into a phone. Don′t leave appliances on stand by
  • User heavier curtains during the winter months or least make sure you close them in the evening
  • Buy A graded energy efficient appliances - they might not be as expensive as you think they are
  • Fit solar panels or a micro turbine - there might be grants available to subsidise the cost
  • Compare and Sign up to a green energy supplier
  • Hang out your washing on dry days instead of using the tumble dryer