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Reuse and recycle everything you can think of

The average household throws away more than one tonne of waste each year. Here are just a few ideas for finding new homes for your unwanted clutter:

  • Think hard before you dump anything - could a friend or neighbour make use of your unwanted stuff? Pop a note though neighbours doors offering items free to a good home in return for collection
  • hold a clothes, shoes, bag or book swapping party
  • recycle unwanted mobile phones, PCs etc - there are plenty of companies which can put your old IT and other equipment to good use. They might even pay you for it. There are also charitable organisations that recycle this sort of thing.
  • Donate unwanted items to charity
  • use your kerbside recycling collection
  • take other and larger items to your recycling centre

Find all the information you need to start recycling more at home, at school or at work by visiting our recycling page.