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Buy local produce

Many countries import more than half of the food that they consume. Buying locally grown, seasonal food means that we reduce our food miles, use less packaging and enjoy fresher fruit and vegetables that don′t need freezing or chilling.

  • Plan your meals before you shop so that you buy what you need and can eat it fresh - fresh food needs less energy to cook/prepare it
  • Know the origin of your food - read the labels
  • Use local shops selling locally produced goods
  • Sign up to a local organic ′veggie box′ delivery service - get the freshest organic fruit and veg delivered free direct from the farm to your doorstep at prices which usually beat the supermarkets - just make sure the goods are sourced locally
  • Try growing your own - you don′t need a big garden. Tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, herbs, radishes, beans, courgettes, rocket and salad leaves can all be grown in hanging baskets or in patio pots and taste so much better when you′ve grown them yourself