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About Us:

Click4Carbon is an environmentally friendly website that offers consumers and businesses an eco friendly alternative when looking for and purchasing products and services on the internet.

We also actively raise environmental awareness by helping users to measure their own carbon footprint and provide practical advice and resources to help them to reduce their negative impact on the environment. These include our Carbon Calculator which can offer an indication of your impact on the environment.

Click4Carbon is a for-profit business based in the UK and aims to fund environmental projects managed by the Plant A Tree Today Foundation with the revenues we generate. Click4Carbon publishes a 6-monthly report from its auditors and the PATT Foundation which independently verifies the revenues made by the company and how we have used them to help safeguard our environment. If you would like to become part of the Click4Carbon community either as an advertiser or friend or if you would like to use Click4Carbon or our Carbon Calculator on your site then we would love to hear from you: enquiries@click4carbon.com

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A message from the Founders of Click4Carbon

Too important to ignore: Looking at the effects of climate change and how we can improve the environment

From rising sea levels to changes in our health, climate change will affect us all in a variety of ways and on a global scale. The sources of our energy will have to change, as will the way we think about our plants and how we are constantly using its resources.

We can already see the effects that climate change is having on our environment. There is so much evidence around us that we can actually see it; sudden downpours of rain are flooding our towns and cities as well as the visible melting of the polar ice caps.

The changes we have seen just recently, and those which are anticipated over the next 100 years, are thought to be mainly as a result of human behaviour rather than due to natural changes that occur in the atmosphere. So the one thing we should be asking ourselves is what can we do to reverse these changes.

On a large scale, we need to be looking at alternative fuel sources and making better use of the natural resources that the planet has to offer. Creating more wind farms to produce our electricity would entirely banish the need to burn away our fossil fuels. Solar energy could virtually power our cities and office buildings, as well as our homes, our televisions and could also heat our water systems. We could even use an example from way back in the industrial age and use the power of the waterwheels in our streams and rivers.

But what can we do as individuals? For one we can recycle, we can reduce the amount of waste we produce and we can reuse the resources that we already have. Making even the smallest of changes will mean you are doing something positive for the future of the planet. Even changing you light bulb to new, energy efficient ones, will not only help the cause, but also reduce the amount of your individual electricity consumption. Turn off your electrical appliances at the socket, and only buy those appliances that have an excellent energy efficient rating.

The positive changes that we can make need not be limited to the indoors. We are seeing more and more illegal logging in our rainforests, which is, without doubt having a detrimental effect on the planets eco system. While this is a huge international problem that needs resolving as soon as possible, all species and we are suffering at the hands of it, but we can help. By replenishing our own outdoor spaces and planting more trees within our gardens, parks, cities, fields and country sides, a difference can be made.

Climate change and global warming is an issue too big and too important to be simply ignored. Maybe you think that there is nothing you can do about it, but you can. Everyone and anyone can make a difference. Just remember that every little bit counts, and that little bit is going to help not only our planet, but the whole of human kind, and all of the other creatures that inhabit our wonderful world.

Questions and Answers

How would you describe Click4Carbon?

Click4Carbon is an environmentally friendly website that offers consumers and businesses an eco friendly alternative when looking for and purchasing products and services on the internet.

We want to help individuals, schools and businesses to reduce their carbon footprints via the help and advice we provide via the community and secondly through the profits we generate which we then use to fund worldwide forestation projects. Within the community we also provide a Carbon Calculator in order that you can calculate your own personal impact on the environment.

Who is behind Click4Carbon?

Click4Carbon is a limited company which was the brainchild of husband and wife; John and Claire Russell. At present Click4Carbon Ltd has four Directors who have been involved in the development of the site since conception. We do not envisage employing any other staff at present but as the business grows in the future we may have to expand slightly. We are each totally committed to Click4Carbon and to keeping the operating costs at a minimum.

Where did the idea for Click4Carbon come from?

As a couple with two young children we were becoming increasingly concerned about our impact on the environment and we started to look actively at how we could reduce our own carbon footprint. Like many families around the world we realised there are no easy answers and you can′t suddenly become ′green′ overnight. The philosophy we adopted was to think big and act small. Both my wife and I work in an office environment and that′s where the idea for Click4Carbon came from - an online community which people would access every day as part of that day-to-day activity they already do.

How much money are you hoping to raise?

Our goal is to be able to fund projects with at least half a million pounds a year by the end of year five. Users of the site will be able to track the success of our projects through a live ticker on the Click4Carbon home page. Also, every six months Click4Carbon will publish reports from its auditors and the PATT Foundation which independently verifies the investments made by the company and how they have been used to help safeguard our environment.

Where exactly does the money go?

We fund forestation projects. Our projects are managed by the Plant-a-tree-today Foundation, who currently works within Asia to campaign for better environmental practices. Our activity will include taking action against climate change by implementing tree planting projects. We currently operate in Thailand, Indonesia and India. We will be providing regular reports and videos on how our money is being used so our users can see directly the positive impact that they are helping to make.

How much are your overheads?

Our aim is that over the first year of the business we will keep our operational costs to fixed percentage of our revenue and we are currently aiming for 25 per cent.

Who is Click4Carbon aimed at?

The Click4Carbon community we see as being made up of ordinary individuals and families who are looking for environmental advice in one place and wanting to connect with other likeminded people who are trying to live in a more sustainable way.
We are also talking to schools and businesses about using Click4Carbon and linking this in to their own CSR and community programmes.

Click4Carbon isn′t the first green website, what makes you different?

What we think makes us different is the Click4Carbon community, we′ve developed our own easy-to-use carbon calculator which links directly to our advice pages which set out the practical steps that people can take to reduce their carbon footprint. We have big ambitions for the Click4Carbon community and we will be looking to partner with other environmental sites and organisations so that we can increase the great content that we have to offer our users.

How are you going to compete?

With Click4Carbon we are not trying to re-invent the wheel. The partners we have chosen to work with are by far the best online today and all that we want to do is provide users with that same experience albeit from a different web address and goal in mind. We also recognise that there is growing demand for information about the environment and how people can alter their lifestyles to support it. We want to make Click4Carbon an environmental hub and destination for the environmentally conscious.

Do you not think you are simply exploiting people′s green guilt?

I would say that we are providing a solution aimed at those people who are environmentally conscious. We are not claiming that Click4Carbon is going to save the world, it′s all about looking at the little things that we all do every day and seeing how they can be used to help the environment. On an individual basis the actions of each person are small but collectively they will allow us to invest thousands of pounds in reforestation projects around the world. This is why the Click4Carbon community is so important because it sets out the big things that people can do to make an even greater impact in reducing their carbon footprints. We really hope the environmentally curious will start of by using Click4Carbon and then be inspired to make bigger changes to their lifestyles.

Why is Click4Carbon not a charity?

Click4Carbon was inspired by social enterprises in the fair trade movement which have shown that environmental change and making a profit are not mutually exclusive and, in fact, when combined can be very powerful. The competition in the commercial sector can have an extremely positive effect in reducing overheads and improving efficiency which ultimately means that there is more profit and more revenue which can be invested in environmental projects. As a business Click4Carbon is determined to keep its operating costs to a minimum and will publishing audits twice a year. We′re committed to being as open and transparent with our users and partners as possible.

Is Click4Carbon carbon neutral?

Yes. Each year Click4Carbon will independently offset its carbon footprint to ensure that it is carbon neutral. This will include the energy used to power our servers.

How are you going to be marketing the site?

We have realistic expectations and low overheads so we really want to grow through word of mouth and recommendation. We′re also going to be running campaigns targeting local authorities and schools so we hope that we′ll be able to reach large numbers of people relatively quickly.