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Breakdown Insurance

Breakdown Insurance

Compare and Buy Breakdown Recovery Insurance

How do you know when you′ve found the best breakdown insurance company for you? Truth is you don′t until you′ve been to them all. That′s where a breakdown insurance comparison tool comes in handy. It allows you to compare breakdown and car rescue cover in seconds by matching your profile to the leading breakdown insurance companies in the UK. Start your breakdown insurance comparison today.

The great thing about comparing and buying your Breakdown Recovery Insurance via Click4Carbon is that the profits we generate are used to fund forestation projects. So you save time, money and help the environment at the same time. Get Quote

Breakdown Insurance Cover Explained

When it comes to breakdown cover, it can be difficult to know what to go for. Breakdown insurance cover comes in two basic forms: standard breakdown cover and pay on call out.

Standard breakdown cover provides a service based on an annual subscription, whilst pay on call out breakdown cover requires you to pay a local garage to recover your vehicle before claiming the money back from your breakdown cover provider. This is usually the cheapest form of breakdown cover but the benefits are much lower.Get Quote

What level of breakdown cover do you need?

The level of breakdown cover you decide upon will have a direct impact on your premium. You can choose varying degrees of breakdown cover from roadside assistance, vehicle recovery or home call out. Here′s a quick run down:

Roadside assistance: This level of breakdown insurance cover is the basic minimum. Your breakdown cover company will either fix your car at the side of the road or they′ll tow it to the nearest garage where it can be repaired.

Vehicle recovery: The vehicle recovery element of breakdown cover is designed to allow you to complete your journey if your car cannot be fixed on the roadside, rather than simply being towed to the nearest garage.

Home breakdown call out: If your car is at your home address (or close to it), home call out breakdown cover will provide assistance. This is normally excluded from basic breakdown cover policies.

Onward travel and other cover benefits: Breakdown cover policies are never identical. Breakdown cover is not an off-the-shelf product! It is important to check the small print so you know what you′re paying for e.g. is your breakdown cover providing you with car hire or will simply need to be reimbursed for transport to get you home. Some breakdown insurance cover will also pay for accommodation whilst your vehicle is being repaired.Get Quote

European breakdown cover

If you′re travelling in Europe, it is vital to take out European breakdown cover. Breakdown services and car recovery from mainland Europe can cost thousands. Check if this has already been included as part of your car insurance policy - before you depart!Get Quote

Getting more breakdown cover discounts

Some insurers offer discounts on caravan or trailer breakdown cover when you take out car breakdown cover. You may also qualify for a discount for additional cars kept at the same address. Before you look around for the best breakdown cover options, you should check your car insurance policy as you may already have some breakdown cover provision within that.Get Quote