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Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Compare and Buy Car Insurance

To find your best car insurance quotes, you know you need to cover as much of the car insurance market as possible. Taking on a manual car insurance comparison can take you hours. That′s why we′ve put together one of the most comprehensive online car insurance comparison tools in the UK. Start your car insurance comparison today to find your best car insurer in a matter of minutes.

The great thing about comparing and buying your Car Insurance via Click4Carbon is that the profits we generate are used to fund forestation projects. So you save time, money and help the environment at the same time.
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The Basics of Comparing Car Insurance

Shopping for car insurance can seem like a big task - especially if you′re a first time buyer. You′ll need to be familiar with your own car insurance needs, have some knowledge of the industry, and acquaint yourself with general policy offerings before researching cover accordingly.

However, searching for the right car insurance doesn′t have to be difficult, confusing or overwhelming. In some ways, you could even compare the process of searching for car insurance to shopping for a car. You need something that′s going to cater to your individual needs, and which is reliable enough not to leave you stranded. You′ll also undoubtedly want to end up with something that gives you good value for money. Ultimately, a car insurance policy should seem as though it were tailored for you - just as any new car you buy should make you feel like it was made with you in mind.Get Quote

Know what you′re looking for in a car insurance policy

When shopping for a car, you′ll likely have some idea of what you′re after - whether its the size, gas mileage or colour of your soon-to-be vehicle. And many of these aspects will depend on your individual vehicle needs. For example, will the car be just for yourself, or will you be transporting your entire family - along with the family pet - in it? Do you plan to use the car to travel long distances? And if so, will you do so on a frequent basis or only occassionally? You′ll have to ask yourself various questions when searching for a car - and it′s no different when it comes to buying car insurance. Finding the right insurance cover means identifying your needs and sorting through your options based on those needs. So make sure you′re familiar with your policy requirements before you start searching for and comparing car insurance products.Get Quote

Seek advice before and during your search for car insurance

But what if you′re not familiar enough with the car insurance industry or its offerings to know what′s right for you? If you were searching for a car without much knowledge of what the market had to offer, you might turn to advice from people who have recently purchased a car. Alternatively, you might consult market specialist resources online. Either way, you would actively seek advice with regard to the product your looking to buy. The same applies to car insurance; there are countless resources available to provide you with advice - whether you′re unsure as to how to begin your search, or if you have questions regarding particular types of policies during your search.Get Quote

Compare policies before committing to buy

Once you′ve found a seemingly good car insurance quote, you′ll want to compare your find to other market offerings and car insurers. Just as you likely wouldn′t purchase the first suitable vehicle you come across, you shouldn′t buy the first car insurance policy that appears to fit your requirments. The reason for holding out is that you might find a similar - or the same - policy elswhere for less. Or, you might find an ever better policy that′s costed the same, or possibly one that′s cheaper. So, just as with vehicles, it always pays to compare car insurance policies before committing to buy.Get Quote