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Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Compare and Buy Home Insurance

Searching and comparing home insurance companies can be a hassle but your home and contents are probably the biggest assets you own - so it′s right that you want to find the best home insurance policy.

Why not try our home insurance comparison tool to find your perfect match.

From students to millionaires, flood risk properties to Fort Knox, compare home insurance companies in seconds. Use our house insurance comparison tool to find the right home insurer for you.

The great thing about comparing and buying your Home Insurance via Click4Carbon is that the profits we generate are used to fund forestation projects. So you save time, money and help the environment at the same time. Get Quote

How Do We Compare Home Insurance?

Unfortunately, the insurance market does not give us a one size fits all structure for all insurance products.

As a result, the way in which we compare home insurance must differ to how we compare car insurance, as an example. But one thing is guaranteed. Whether you compare home insurance or any other product on our site, our aim is to get you to your best policy and insurer, with minimal effort and time required from you.

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Our Home Insurance Comparison Tool

At Click4Carbon, we′ve devised a unique way to compare home insurance. What we′ve found is that most of the home insurance comparison tools out there tend to concentrate on getting quotes from a handful of mainstream brands based on a significant number of assumptions because of the characteristics of the product. If you compare home insurance in this way, your results are likely to be similar, usually inaccurate and not actually get you to your best home insurance company.

When you compare home insurance, you′re essentially trying to get to your best home insurer as quickly as possible. That′s precisely what we try to do. We compare home insurance by asking you for the key elements from your profile (e.g. amount of cover, type of property, special risks etc) and match these requirements to the profiles of each UK home insurer. This is our profile matching comparison method (one of three insurance comparison methods we use). Because we compare home insurance like this, we do not impose any special technology requirements on the insurers and are therefore able to include smaller brokers and specialists (such as providers for flood risk properties, holiday homes, landlords, high value home insurance and so on).

At the same time as comparing home insurers to whittle down your options from thousands of policies to a meer handful, we also run our insurer rating algorithm over your best matches to give you an even better steer on things. This rates the insurers on headline areas such as their prices (based on our own research), the cover and excess levels normally offered as well as the previous success rates each insurer has had with customers who have the same or a similar profile to you.

We′re currently developing the way we compare home insurance to maintain the benefits outlined above but also give you the added advtantages of the "connected" comparison tools. Watch this space!

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