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Life Insurance

Compare and Buy Life Insurance

Comparing life insurance - where do you start? There are a multitude of big name and niche life insurance companies out there, complex policy types and it′s not as though life insurance is an everyday purchase. It′s no wonder so many people are confused when it comes to their life insurance comparison. That′s why we′ve built an independent online life insurance comparison tool and compiled tons of helpful guides to help you find the best deal in minutes.

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The Basics of Comparing Life Insurance

One of the most common pieces of advice you′ll hear when searching for life insurance is that you should always compare insurance policies and insurers before deciding on any one product. But what exactly should you be comparing - besides the obvious things, such as cost - and how can you gauge dissimilarities to hone in on a policy that′s right for you?Get Quote

Choose insurance needs over cost when comparing life insurance

Many people will set off on a search and comparison process for finding life insurance, primarily focusing on how much they want to spend. But while it′s wise to have a budget in mind, you should always base your search on your life insurance needs. That way, the decision you end up making won′t be predominantly influenced by the cost of the policy, but rather, by what′s right for you. If you′re unsure as to which type of life insurance policy might be appropriate for you, it′s best to seek advice before you compare life insurance, policies. An initial evaluation of your life insurance needs should reveal basic categories of life insurance you should be enquiring about - for instance, term versus whole life cover or decreasing versus level cover.

Once you′re clear as to what general type of life insurance policy will suit you and your family, you can start considering insurance subcategories. For instance, you′ll need to determine whether you require universal, variable, endowment, variable universal, or whole life insurance. Each subcategory carries with it a number of specifics that may or may not be suitable for you - so you′ll likely need to do a bit of research, or once again seek advice from an insurance specialist.Get Quote

Comparing the details

Only after you′ve determined which category and subcategory your insurance needs fall into, should you start comparing all the details - which, conveniently, can be done through life insurance comparison sites like this one. This could include anything from choosing an interest-sensitive life insurance policy - where the death proceeds are guaranteed based on interest rates - to opting for equity indexed life insurance - where interest is credited to the policy′s cash values based on the upward movement of a particular stock market index.

Finally, you′ll want to consider cost. But always keep in mind when comparing life insurance that ′cheap′ doesn′t always equate to minimal coverage, or that pricey policies are going to cover you better than the cheaper competition. To find an ideal combination of cost and cover, you′ll need to seek advice, do a bit of research, and keep a keen eye during the entire process of insurance comparison.Get Quote