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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Compare and Buy Travel Insurance

Comparing travel insurance is not the most exciting part of arranging a trip and with hundreds of travel insurance companies to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best one for you. The trick is to compare a wide range of travel insurance companies to ensure you′ve covered the majority of the market.

But this could take hours if you carry out a travel insurance comparison manually. That′s why we′ve built an independent travel insurance comparison tool which is designed to find your best policy in just seconds, saving you from lots of forms and phone calls.

The great thing about comparing and buying your Travel Insurance via Click4Carbon is that the profits we generate are used to fund forestation projects. So you save time, money and help the environment at the same time. Get Quote

How to Find Cheap Travel Insurance

Many people view travel insurance as an optional holiday add-on - something to purchase if their getaway involves high-risk activities such as skiing and snowboarding, or if they plan to take particularly pricey items - such as a camera or video recorder - along with them.

In fact, research has shown that one in seven Brits has never even purchased insurance for their travels, with 35 per cent only investing in a policy depending on the circumstances of their travels - such as how far they′re travelling or the types of activities they plan to engage in. 25 per cent purchase travel insurance solely when travelling outside of the UK, while 10 per cent said they purchase a policy only for long haul trips.

However, what many people fail to take into consideration when foregoing travel insurance is that a number of things can go wrong, regardless of how cautious a traveller is. For instance, flight cancellations can prove extremely pricey and can potentially ruin a trip or chances of re-scheduling a holiday. But with travel insurance cover, mishaps such as cancellations are often covered - meaning you won′t have to take the financial hit if there′s a cancellation. Injuries and illnesses also play heavily into the equation, as travellers can easily become hurt or ill in the unlikeliest of circumstances.Get Quote

Travel insurance: looking after yourself and your travel plans

When preparing for a holiday, it′s easy to overlook things like travel insurance, which essentially draw attention to the fact that various things can go wrong during your travels. But travel insurance is just as important as any other preparation you make for your trip - whether it′s your hotel accommodation or flights. Insuring your trip means you′re looking out for all the plans you′ve worked hard to make, as well as looking after yourself in case you become ill or injured. In short, travel insurance is an absolute must for anyone planning a trip.Get Quote

Comprehensive and cheap travel insurance? It′s easier to find than you think

Yet another concern preventing many travellers from securing travel insurance is the notion that an inclusive policy has to cost a great deal - meaning that a large chunk of funds reserved for the trip could potentially go towards cover. But many travellers also don′t realise that they can secure travel insurance that′s both comprehensive and cheap - all it takes is a bit of research.

Since the travel insurance market is fairly competitive, there are countless providers offering policies that are meant to give travellers more for less, the trick is simply finding them. However, online tools and comparison websites such as this one can take the work out of searching for cheap travel insurance. So all you have to do is have an idea of the level of cover you′ll require. Once entering various pieces of information into our online form, our comparison tool will return a range of travel insurers and policies which suit your travel cover needs.

So, next time you′re planning to travel, remember that a travel insurance policy is worth every penny. After all, paying 20 or 30 pounds for a policy is nothing compared to the costs involved in medical care or having all your belongings stolen. Moreover, if you commit a bit of time and effort, you can easily find a travel insurance policy that′s both cheap and inclusive of the cover you′re after.Get Quote