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Musical Instrument Insurance

Compare and Buy Musical Instrument Insurance

Whatever type of insurance you′re looking to buy, it always pays to shop around. Musical Instrument Insurance comparison websites are one of the best ways to find great musical instrument insurance quickly and effectively, meaning less hassle and time spent on your part.

The great thing about comparing and buying your musical instrument insurance via Click4Carbon is that the profits we generate are used to fund forestation projects. So you save time, money and help the environment at the same time.Get Quote

Guide to Musical Instrument Insurance Cover

Instruments can be a costly investment and often delicate for that matter too. If you care about your musical instrument, you′ll want to ensure you have the necessary instrument insurance cover to replace it or repair any damage it may suffer.

It shouldn′t matter how rare or bizarre your instrument may be, a good instrument insurance company has a product to cover you. Instrument insurance is designed to cover anything from pianos, guitars, violins, trumpets and other woodwind instruments right through to DJ equipment and supporting audio technology.

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What does musical instrument insurance cover?

It could be that your instrument has been damaged due to a fire. Maybe you′ve been the victim of a theft. Perhaps you need public liability or personal injury cover. Whatever the need, the best solution is to protect yourself with a dedicated instrument insurance policy.

Some musicians decide to include their instrument insurance needs with their contents insurance. However, this can cause problems with your cover if the instrument is taken away from the home. If you make a claim on your contents insurance, your premium may rise slightly but you′re likely to suffer much less as it will only reflect the value of the instrument(s) insured on that policy and not all your possessions.Get Quote

Who can benefit from instrument insurance?

An instrument insurance policy is ideal for both amateur and professional musicians alike. It doesn′t matter if you play as part of an orchestra, at school or if you′re in a band. You could be a DJ or a classically trained musician. It makes no difference to an instrument insurance provider.

Each instrument insurance company should have a number of different plans to suit all budgets and, depending on the specific instrument insurance chosen, items can be covered whilst in or away from the home. Extensions to a policy should also be on offer to protect your instrument whilst unattended in a vehicle or anywhere you may take it around the world.Get Quote