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It´s just our little way of saying Thank You. Both registration and the screensaver download will allow us to occasionally keep you up to date with what is going on.


Usage of the Click4Carbon website generates funding for forestation projects. Whether you use us to search the internet, carry out price comparisons or research and book your next holiday -all of this activity generates funding.

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In the developed world the average persons carbon dioxide emissions are almost 10 metric tonnes per year. This is called their carbon footprint and comes mainly from their household energy usage and transport requirements car travel, flights and commuter transport. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas which, when released into the atmosphere, acts like a thickening blanket, trapping the sun`s heat. Too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is causing the planet to warm up. To help prevent global warming, we all need to reduce our emissions and look at ways we can mitigate the emissions left over that we are responsible for. Trees are a natural green machine which absorb carbon from the atmosphere and release it as oxygen. To this end, trees are an effective way of absorbing the carbon you release into the atmosphere.

In conjunction with our partner charity, The Plant a Tree Today Foundation, we will pledge to plant on your behalf 477 trees. On average, a tree will absorb approximately 20.3 kg of CO2 per year over its lifetime. If planted now, your trees should outlive you. This means they will work for you for the rest of your days


Our dynamic screensaver allows us to keep you informed of updates to our site in a non obtrusive manner - i.e. the screensaver only appears when your PC is idle! And for every 2 downloads of our screensaver we will arrange for our partner charity, the Plant a Tree Today Foundation, to plant a tree on your behalf.


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