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Mystery extinct ape found in ancient Chinese tomb
The discovery of a prehistoric pet gibbon suggests humans pushed apes to extinction far back in history.[click for more]
The 'Baby' that ushered in modern computer age
Scientists are celebrating the birth 70 years ago of a machine that kick-started the modern computer age.[click for more]
Cyan colour hidden ingredient in sleep
Adding or removing the colour cyan can have an impact on sleep, according to biologists.[click for more]
Gene-edited farm animals are on their way
Scientists create pigs that are immune to one of the world`s costliest livestock diseases.[click for more]
Astronauts eject UK-led space junk demo mission
The RemoveDebris satellite will trial technologies for snaring broken hardware drifting in orbit.[click for more]
Koko: Gorilla who mastered sign language dies in California
Koko is said to have been able to communicate thoughts and feelings using more than 1,000 hand signs.[click for more]
Rover test: What's it like to ride a rocket to Mars?
European engineers shake their Mars rover to see that it can survive the violence of a rocket launch.[click for more]
How hats were placed atop the Easter Island statues
It took only small teams using ramps and ropes to cap the giant statues of Rapa Nui, a new study says.[click for more]
Puan, oldest known Sumatran orangutan, dies in Australia
Puan left an "incredible legacy" of descendants for the critically endangered species, keepers say.[click for more]
'Dumpling-shaped' space rock comes into view
A Japanese space probe has been sending back images as it approaches its target, the asteroid Ryugu.[click for more]
Work starts to upgrade Large Hadron Collider
Improvements to the world`s biggest particle smasher are designed to uncover new physics.[click for more]
Stars turn out for Stephen Hawking memorial at Westminster Abbey
All corners of society attend a London service to pay tribute to the great Cambridge physicist.[click for more]
Prehistoric frogs in amber surface after 99 million years
Frogs trapped in amber for 99 million years give clues to lost world. The four fossils were found in Myanmar.[click for more]
Gene therapy reverses rat's paralysis
Experts say the findings could be life-changing for millions of patients.[click for more]
Antarctica loses three trillion tonnes of ice in 25 years
Satellites observing the White Continent detect a jump in the rate of ice being lost to the ocean.[click for more]
Mars Opportunity: Rover 'should ride out storm'
Nasa says it is concerned but hopeful that a veteran robot rover can survive a big dust storm.[click for more]
Stephen Hawking's words will be beamed into space
The words of the renowned physicist have been set to music by composer Vangelis.[click for more]
Einstein's travel diaries reveal racist stereotypes
Xenophobic comments are found in private journals from the physicist`s 1920s tour of Asia.[click for more]
UK rebuffed over Galileo sat-nav procurement
Delegations to the European Space Agency vote to procure another batch of spacecraft, despite British calls to delay.[click for more]
One in five British mammals at risk of extinction
The red squirrel, the wildcat, and the grey long-eared bat face severe threats, a study says.[click for more]
The gene-edited pigs immune to lung disease
Pigs in Scotland have had their genes altered so they are now immune to a deadly respiratory disease.[click for more]
Wolves in France: Farmers fear attacks
One mayor says children under 10 years old should not walk alone, in case of an attack.[click for more]
Mountain lion kittens found living in US cave
Meet the new residents of a cave in California.[click for more]
Will Norway's electric plane take off?
A battery-powered plane that could mean guilt-free travel is part of a plan to tackle climate change.[click for more]
Hong Kong's fish are eating plastic - and people could be too
A lot of Hong Kong`s fish contains tiny bits of plastic that could end up on your plate.[click for more]
Horsefly season: How to avoid being bitten
It is horsefly season, which means all those enjoying the countryside should watch out for bites.[click for more]
Does Jurassic Park make scientific sense?
How were the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park created, and what have we learned about them since?[click for more]
What do slugs hate? Home remedies put to the test
Traditional remedies used by gardeners to deter slugs and snails are to be tested scientifically for the first time.[click for more]
Meet the nuns helping save a sacred species from extinction
The axolotl - a salamander unique to Mexico - has almost been wiped out by pollution and over-fishing.[click for more]
Has US physics lab found a new particle?
Results from the MiniBooNE physics experiment suggest a particle known as the sterile neutrino might have been found.[click for more]