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The Click4Carbon Story

Hi there,

Welcome to Click4Carbon! I′m and I live with my husband, in the heart of rural England. The founders of Click4Carbon and we wanted to tell you a bit about what inspired us to create this site.

Like many families both in the UK and around the world we′ve become increasingly worried by our impact on the planet and the legacy we were leaving behind for our children. So we decided to take a close look at our own lives and see how we could start to reduce our carbon footprint and harm to the environment.

I remember we were full of good intentions and having travelled to our favourite spot in the Warwickshire countryside for inspiration, we came back home with an impressive list of things we were determined to change.

Some of the changes, like recycling more and buying local produce were relatively straightforward, but we realised that being green isn′t easy. It can require more time and more money, things which can sometimes be in short supply when you′re both working and trying to raise two children. We didn′t give up and just realised that we needed to change our lifestyle bit-by-bit, rather than overnight. It was all about thinking big and acting small.

That was the realisation which eventually led to the idea for Click4Carbon. We both worked in the software industry and spent much of our time glued to our PCs in the office. The greenest thing would have been to turn our computers off and however tempting we knew that wasn′t practical.

We both noticed that we were using the internet every day and numerous times a day and that′s when the idea struck us. To create a website which could also generate money to fund environmental projects. We told friends and relatives about it and they loved it but they also find it hard to fine simple advice on how to lead a greener life, which is why we also wanted to build a community around Click4Carbon. We hope you like the site as well. If you have any comments or questions as to how it works, we′d love to get your feedback so please drop us an email.

Best wishes,

founders of Click4Carbon.com